Friday, May 2, 2014

Flor's Field Paper

This exhibit was very good, the paintings from Sendak’s books were hung at eyelevel for kids.  There was a reading corner that was good environment for the kids to listen to Sendak’s stories.  Even the pedestals where lower so the kids could get to see the art up close.

As an adult it felt like you where a giant, but the work was intended for kids, and it was important to make them have the same experience that an adult has in a full sized exhibit.  

The one thing that I didn’t like was the boat in the middle of the room.  It looked like something that you would see a park or jungle gym.  Its structure looked sturdy and well crafted; there were no sharp nail or screws that made it dangers to clime on.  When we went in the gallery there were no kids playing on the boat.  There was not a sign that said “NO CLIMBING” but there was also not a sign that said kids could climb.  If I was a kid I would defiantly want to be able to pretend to sail on the boat. 

It makes no logic to put a perfectly good boat for kids to clime on in the middle of a children’s exhibit and than not let them climb on it.  This was almost as bad as putting a chocolate cake in front of a kid and then not letting them eat it. I felt that this was the big downfall to the exhibit.

Over the exhibit was good except for this big temptation in the middle of the room.  It was sad to see, and if I was a kid I would have tears in my eyes from not being able to play on it. If your going to have an exhibit for kids and have it be interactive you cant have the big center of attraction be a big wooden boat and have it be a disappointment that you cant clime it. I believe the exhibit would have worked better if the boat could be climbed on, or if it was gone altogether, or if it was suspended in the air.  

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