Friday, April 25, 2014

Alexa Field Paper

I have always enjoyed the Nevada Museum of Art. They always have exhibits that are memorable, bright, or historically interesting. I was especially pleased last time I went and I got the chance to view a whole lot of Phyllis Shafer’s art work. I had briefly read about her prior because she is planning on teaching a workshop over summer at Sierra Nevada College. Seeing her work in person was really quite an experience for me. Each of her paintings radiates excitement and appreciation for the local environment. Her style is very unique and something that I have never seen before. I think that is part of the reason I was so captivated. The way the museum set up her exhibit worked very well with my curious mind. It was in a very open space where I didn’t feel pressured to rush through because there were people next to me trying to look at the same painting. I liked the alternating sizes. It gave me a sense of variety even though it was all from the same body of work. I also found the glass case with her sketch books to be a wonderful treat. I already felt a connection to the artist because she is a local, but being able to see her very detailed sketchbooks makes for an even better experience. I also thought that the addition of a short informational film was a good addition to the exhibit. It was only a few minutes long, had a nice comfy bench to sit on, and wasn’t too distracting from the rest of the pieces. I do think that it may have worked better if it was in the beginning rather than tucked away in the back corner only because I would have liked to hear the interview with Phyllis before I looked at all of her work. However, I do think there was some thought that went into the location of the video because when I walked in I heard the audio of that before I even got a chance to view any of her art. So, in a way I think it may have drawn me in with curiosity. I loved this exhibit and I would like to see it again before it moves on!

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