Monday, April 28, 2014

Kyle and Kelly Demo: Ian

Kyle and kelly were doing a demo during the whole NCECA Conference. I would sit in and watch them work for an hour or so each day. I really had nothing else to do and I was not feeling like walking around the conference early in the morning. Sitting and watching them work and listening to them talk about their work is actually a lot more interesting than you would think. So Kyle and Kelly are identical twins. They dress the exact same! Everything is matching all the way down to their matching tattoos. I bet they even had the same socks on, but I never asked to see if I'm right, but I bet I am. They work completely differently than anyone else. They work on the same piece at the same time. It's so cool!!! One will be working on the cloths of the person and the other will be working on the face and than they will switch! it's crazy! and sometimes they will each have their own project to work on and then they will just switch projects and start working on that. They also did a lot of small talking back and forth. I can't blame them to run out of things to talk about if their on stage for a week straight. They talked all about their processes of building which I found to be super helpful because I am a sculpture artist myself and any insight helps me out. I also found out that they use acrylic paint instead of glazing their work. This comes from their background of painting their whole lives. They find that switching from painting on ceramics instead of canvas is a lille easier because painting a sculpture is just painting in the lines, so it goes a little quicker. Rather than painting a 3D image on canvas. Kyle and Kelly are also coming to Sierra Nevada College to do a workshop this summer and I'm already signed up to take their workshop. I am so excited to have them teach me their techniques. It's always cool to get an outside perspective on ceramics. It brings in a new way of thinking. I look forward to being challenged in new ways.

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