Monday, April 28, 2014

Monuments Men by Flor

Monuments Men

I think that the moment in history that Monuments Men is about is very interesting.  To get to see the kind of attitude the Monuments Men had towards art and the fact that they really want to defend it even if they had put their own lives at risk to do so.  To see so many famous actors taking on the roles of artists shows that this was a serious subject. 

The Hollywood aspect of it was not too realistic.  If you where in that era and circumstances you could not be as clean-cut as the actors were shown to be.  We never saw them super dirty which I'm sure they did not have time to take showers and shave.
To see George Clooney always so clean-cut and handsome took away from the dangers of war.

The Hollywood take on it was a bit cheesy. There were parts that were too dramatized.  I didn’t like the scene when they got packages and got to play music on the intercom with the on man taking a shower.  It seemed to be super clich√© from so many other war movies and they could have used that time to show more important things. 

I would have like to seen more of the ashen side of it. More of the way of how they retrieved the work and how they knew how important the art was.  The monuments Men did a lot of work to restore and save the art works.  The movie ended before they show how much work they all did after the war.  This move was short on all of these topics.  It was more of a hero story and no background on it. 

The one thing that was crazy to see and think about was the part that showed the train station with all the Jews property.  It was just stuff stacked on more stuff and seeing Matt Damon act so disturbed and sad about it was my favorite part of the whole movie. 

I was good to see that Rosa Valiant cared so much about what she did and how patient she was about the work that she tagged and documented.  She knew where all the work ended up. By the end of the movie she was a big help to finding all the art works and it would have been impassible to find if it without her. I don’t think that they gave here enough credit for this!! 

I would like to know more about why George Clooney wanted to get the art and what he did as a job in America.  It could hava also shown how he became interested in going to rescue the art and more about what he stood for. It was barley touched on and I think this is important to the story to know his intent and where it came from.

Over all I don’t think this was a good film because the story was not that precise and was missing some important facts but moves can only be so long as well so I understand that they couldn’t put everything in. It is Nice to see that people did not let this art be destroyed and that they defended it and studied up and did something to save it so future generations will get to know and see it 

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