Monday, March 31, 2014

Artist With a Social Role

Artist Social Role..

What is an artists social role, if any and what are they responsible for?  This is a very difficult decision to pick one artist to focus on, but who comes to mind first is photographer Jeff Brockmeyer.  Jeff fits primarily in the category of entrepreneur.  He is a young professional who has put so much time and energy into to creating a business not only based on his photographic skills, but teaching people who are wanting to be in the action sport industry what you need to know about sports photography.  He started the Woodward Film and Photo camp, a camp based at a sports training camp and facility.  Brockmeyer he is still the Director of the camps and is incredibly dedicated to passing on his deep knowledge of photography.  Not only in the sports world of photography is Jeff successful, he uses his medium to constantly bring in income and makes a great living as an artist.  He is what I would consider a great entrepreneur in the photography world.  

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