Sunday, March 30, 2014

Kyle and Kelly: Artists Role in Society

Kyle and Kelly are twin brothers who received their B.F.A.s from Ball State University in 1996. They earned their M.F.A. degrees in Ceramics and Sculpture from The University of Kentucky in 2000s. Kyle and Kelly are social critics and skilled workers. First quick talk about the content in their work. They are making collaborative pieces that are inspired by the Blue-Collard workers of America. I think that this is a really cool topic right now. today it seems like Blue and White Collard jobs are shaping the way people live their lives today. the lifestyles are getting further and further apart as the years go on. White Collard jobs require extremely expensive degrees. That degree is your ticket into that lifestyle. on the other hand if your degree is not as creditable or you just don't have one, you get a Blue-Collard job. Kyle and Kelly's work show the faces, cloths, tools, job title, and lifestyles of those Blue-Collard Americans. The craftsmanship on these collaborated pieces are unreal. They both have an amazing eye for detail in the human body and all it's shapes. I also really like the fact that they work on pieces together, and at the same time. I got to watch them work at NCECCA, and it is shocking to see twin brothers who are dressed the exact same way working on the same piece and have identical technique. that's why I think that Kyle and Kelly are social critic and skilled worker ceramic artists. 

This link has their gallery of a lot of their Blue-Collar pieces, and it has more in-depth information if you're interested. Give it a look.

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