Monday, March 31, 2014

Film Review: Ian

It is mind blowing on how much art Burnes had in his private collection. I couldn't imagine owning all of those masterpieces and having them casually hang on my walls. I admire everything about Dr. Burnes. The fact that he acquired all this painting by himself with money that he made in the medical drug business. His collection was made to educate students at his foundation. I think that that is awesome! He would deny people to come visit his collection just because his collection was on display for people to look at and learn from and become a better painter themselves, not to be looked at while eating a hot dog, take a picture of it and move on to the next painting hung on the wall. I like the fact that Burns always stuck to his plan, the art is for learning not a museum. It is a huge bummer that once the collection got passed onto Lincoln University it all went to shit. It turned into how can we use this collection to raise as much money as possible and bring tourism to Pennsylvania and have the city benefit from this collection. At the same time the people who were in charge if the collections fate were also looking to get a piece of fame in politics. I feel that will pieces of art that are set at high prices causes way more problems than the painter intended. Barnes had the right idea, he was displaying the paintings the best way he saw fit. I agree 100% on his educational view of displaying the art. A student is going to learn a hell of a lot more by seeing the masterpiece where the student works. Rather than having the art piece on display in a museum where the student might not get to see the piece when they want to or have to wait their turn behind a line of people who might not even appreciate the piece. Either way I feel that it is sad that Burnes Will was ignored and that his collection is not fulfilling the purpose that Barnes wanted

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