Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sally Hammel's "Artist's Role In Society"

I chose Flor Widmar as my artist that exemplifies her social role, because I admire her work and the way she also gives her time to the community. Her beautiful porcelain pottery is functional and I love the way she uses it for good… as in her "Empty Bowls" project. I realize that this is not exactly "Her" project but she is doing a lot to help and sincerely feels hurt when others do not do their part! Even her JAPR exhibit is about using her pottery to help the community. I actually think that her work encompasses every social role. Skilled worker (well, just look at her cups!), Intellectual (It's smart work and I know that not everyone can work this well on the wheel!), Entrepenuer (easily sellable!), Social Critic (Well, she does say that there isn't enough of this), and Social Healer (obviously helping the community). She also works into the wee hours of the morning, keeping our studio clean. I didn't ask her permission to use her as my artist but I do admire her and think she is the perfect example for this article. Some day she will be the rich and famous artist that I hope to be, and I can be proud to call her "friend".

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